Welcome to my website:   Birds & Wildlife Photography Feiko Jager.

I would like to introduce myself. I was born in Groningen in the Netherlands on May 29th 1945.
When I was still very young my parents and I moved to Sydney in Australia.
There in Australia I developed a feeling for all the aspects of nature.
I was nineteen years old when my parents and I went back to the Netherlands  where my passion for the natural beauty of nature continued playing an important role in my life.
And it still does.
I started making pictures of nature at the announce of digital photography.
I started with digital scoping first, followed up by using a camera with telephoto lens, emphasizing on birds and wildlife.
It is my wish that visitors to my website will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making photos and films.
Because only then this website will be in my eyes successful. 

Feiko Jager